You Raise Me Up – Tunes Tuesday 4/18/17

I am changing this day to write about songs. I’m not a foodie so Tasty Tuesday wasn’t fun for me anymore.  I have been thinking about Josh Groban’s ” You Raise Me Up,” because it is beautiful. (It makes me cry.) I think about Christ who spiritually raises me. He knows my struggles, and let’s me stand on His shoulders while I heal, now and always. My soul is so weary. I also possess a support system of family and friends who are continually supporting me “so I can walk on mountains.” As I heal, those wonderful people have such elevated confidence in me, they surely enable me to be “more than I can be.” I appreciate the countless hours that they have sat awhile with me, I will heal one day because of them. Josh’s wonderful tenor voice gives me courage and hope. I need a lot of that. 

One response to “You Raise Me Up – Tunes Tuesday 4/18/17”

  1. Just as you are lifted by those who support you, we are all lifted by your spirit and courage. And I’m so grateful to know we can all be strengthened through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.


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