Disneyland – Throwback Thursday 4/6/17

Ahh, the Magic Kingdom! The excitement and thrills of it all. We took our kids in 2000 and 2005. The first time we flew, because we didn’t want to hear “Are we there yet?” (But I think we still did!) The anticipation was real. When we got there the fist day, it had just finished raining, so the park was practically empty! We rode all the rides that are usually very popular, thus long, agonizing lines. But not this time. We rode Splash Mountain about fifteen times. We just ran around and through the imaginary lines over and over. It was great, although the song got incredibly old. (Zip-a-Dee-Do-Dah Zip-a-Dee-Ay, your welcome, now it’s stuck in your mind.) We hit a bunch of other rides, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves with the uncommonly short lines. The kids got signature books so we were always stalking characters! We did get almost all, and every time they got a autograph we took a picture. Then I put the photos next to the hard earned signatures. (I’m such a good mom!) We went there three days, and the lines were a little longer on the next two days. I just remember how the magic of that place made us so happily excited and giddy. Do we still have magic in our lives? Kids remind us through their awestruck eyes. If we can keep the magic alive. We can stay fresh and vibrant.The second trip we took, Michelle was still a baby. So we flew and Grandma Ann flew from St. George to meet us at LAX. She got a trip, and lots of baby time. (Great deal for both of us!) The lines were much longer, but we still managed to have plenty of fun. Whitney wore her Cinderella costume everyday. (We couldn’t get it off her.) We waited a couple hours to get a photo op with her idol, Cinderella. One day a young girl wanted a picture with Whitt. (She figured she would do!) I think we rode Dumbo the most. One night, Darin and I went back after the kids went to bed and had a date at Disneyland. That was enjoyable! We would like to give Kellianne and Michelle that experience, but we have been so busy. (That’s an understatement.) The reason we go and brave all the crowds is we want to see that magic that has probably eluded us while we live life. You don’t need Disneyland to do that, but do whatever you can to make those memories. I am very happy we did that, and treasure the magic memories made.

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