Frustration – Feelings Friday 4/14/17

There are times in our lives that we so get so hair-pulling, eye-rolling, screaming mad. It can happen because of irresponsible kids, stupid drivers, or annoying operators. (Just to name a few.) I will leave out the expletives. Before we loss it, we need to count to ten while thinking about what their situation might be. Look at these precious (yet annoying) children of God and think about how they are loved, too. It’s kind of like the old wisdom “pray for those who persecute and despitefully use you.” (Something like that.) What is their story? We don’t know. But it is on us if we raise our stress level and blood pressure over their actions. Are we going to let others control our feelings? I feel frustration everyday. My right hand and foot won’t do what it tell them! (My left hand is pretty nimble, but I can only do so much.) Aides are slow to help when I call. Food is not what I ordered. I could go on. But I try to look on the bright side. I understand that I am exceeding expectations (healing takes time,) aides are helping other people, and the kitchen is doing the best they can. Understanding is the key. Take the Pollyanna approach, at least we have something, and be happy for what you have. I know all this is easier said than done. (But give it a shot!) It might make your day a little brighter. And don’t we all need more brightness?

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