“Genuine Discipleship…” – Saying Saturday 4/8/17

“Genuine discipleship is a state of being.” Robert D. Hales told us in the October 2012 conference. I found this very insightful. It means to have the true light of Christ as shown in your countenance and acts. (We don’t just talk the talk, but we walk the walk.) You know those people who are so down to earth. They are amazingly true to their beliefs and convictions through word and deed. Youlove to give them presents, because they will be so thankful and happy.They shine with the light of Christ. Do you want to be like them? (You can, you know?) You can follow His commandments. You can eminate the light of Christ by learning and following His example. He set the greatest of examples while He walked the earth. You can follow the Beatitudes that were taught by Christ to His disciples and many others. You can serve another, when prompted to do so. You can speak kind words. You can avoid harsh criticism. You can do anything kind, virtuous, of good report, or praiseworthy. Following those action words will get you closer to being a genuine disciple or follower of Christ. I can even set an example of a disciple by being a good person where I am. If you feel likely are doing all you can. (Great!) Keep going. This test, we call life, requires endurance. And if we continue with our best intentions, repenting along the way, we can get there. (I know we can!)

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