2012 – Movie Monday 4/3/17

Okay, I have to start out by saying, I love disaster movies. (I know, weird) There is something about people beating the odds while the world falls apart, it is my guilty pleasure. Some are better than others. This epic Hollywood production, with major special effects, begins with a man who is disenchanted with his life. Howhard is it everyday to stay fully motivated? I know I was going through the motions until I had a major wake up call! (A stroke can sure make you slow down and smell the roses.) I am not saying I needed the stroke to appreciate life, but I know I am truly blessed in spite of it. It has enabled me to see the reasons why I should appreciate all things. Skip the stroke and use me as your wake up call. 

He meets all the right people so he is deep into the plot and the main characters make a big difference in his story. Its no coincidence that we cross paths with influencing people in our lives. I think the Spirit leads us to them so we can affect each other. My opinion is, make as many friends as you can. Life is just better with friends. One of my friends, Dawn Armstrong from the movie “Meet the Mormons,” taught me that everyone you meet is your friend. Just make it normal operating procedure. No questions. No judging. We met at a Missionary Mommies slumber party and immediately became friends. She makes total strangers her friends, and she travels all over the world to speak. Dawn came to speak at our stake. I sat in the middle center. I told some I knew her, but she mets so many. I wondered if she would remember me. Right before it started, she saw me and came all the way down and in to greet and hug me! Now that’s a friend! We can be that kind of friend. 

The movie continues with pandemonium, chaos, and destruction. But all through it the family sticks together and looks out for the each other. They start to appreciate one another more. (I must like the “a” word!) How many times have I told my kids, “Look out for each other. Treat each other well.” Elder Eyring said in last conference, “Family is the only chance we can feel the love we felt in Heaven.” So why are we so unkind to our family? All through the movie certain people are trying (as a last ditch effort) to mend their fences. Let’s not let pride tear down those fences in the first place. I suppose as we age our definition of family changes. We should be each other’s cheerleaders and support systems. I know my brothers and sisters (and in-laws) are mine! 

My favorite part of the movie is when the mother asks the Chinese family who is sneaking on the ark, “Please just take my children!” I know as a mother, my children are way more important than myself. I want them to survive against all odds. I would do anything I could for their welfare. 

The last thing to think about as the world crashes down around them in the movie is: Are we truly prepared for the end of the world? I know we must endure some destruction to weed out bad seeds, but are we living the way Heavenly Father will approve so when the time comes we can sleep through the proverbial storm? Are we a delicate, beautiful flower or a noxious, annoying weed? We all will have our trials in life, but are we ready to face them? Are we prepared (not just temporally, although 72 hour kits and food storage are good ideas,) but are we ready spiritually and emotionally? Have we placed our lives in order? Its kinda scary and exciting at the same time to think about. But we live in the latter days. (What do you expect?) We live in the “late” latter days. I can see signs all around. Who knows when, who knows exactly how. We’ll probably have some rebuilding to do in the millennium, but it will be pretty cool to have Christ on the earth. If you can handle fake death and destruction, give this movie a shot! It will make you think. 

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