Pot Roast – Tasty Tidbit Tuesday 4/11/17

Pot Roast, to me, is what Sunday tastes like. Sometimes the kids complain, but they always want it on Sunday for dinner. I know everyone makes pot roast, however I thought I’d share how we do it. You get one of those bags that you cook meat in. (This is usually done as you’re running out the door on Sunday morning.) We throw the frozen roast (beef or pork,) 2 lbs. mini carrots, a few sliced onions and your preference of small potatoes inside with a package of onion mix sprinkled all over. (Soup or dip, pretty much the same thing!) I buy the generic white package of onion soup mix that is cheap. You find it by the soups, it usually hidden. (Mushrooms or another vegetable would be good, but I have picky complainers at my house!) Take a steak knife and punch 3-4 holes in the plastic bag. It requires about 3 hours cooking at around 375 degrees. It depends on your stove. (I don’t usually wait for a pre-heat, since I’m running out the door. ) When it’s done cooking, tear the bag open, separate onto serving platters and cut the roast into pieces. You can mash the potatoes, if you must have them smooshed up. They can be served as is. If you mash them, you can add 2 cups cheese and garlic for a cheesy potato version, or (what my family loves) gravy to drown it all.The gravy is super easy, just put 4 cups water in a saucepan and 6 teaspoons bullion to match your meat. (You can add the drippings if you want, but you will need a bit more flour water and still use most of the bullion.) Stir the bullion water well, and bring to a boil. Fill ablender bottle with 2 cups water and about 1/2 cup of flour. Shake it once or twice, then open it carefully over the sink to let out the pressure. (I speak from experience. If you don’t do that, you and the whole kitchen will be covered with a paste!) Then shake the bottle until well mixed. Add the flour mixture to the bouillon water slowly while whisking vigorously. Turn the heat down to low while you whisk until thick. This gravy turns out different every time, so tweak it as you want. (This makes quite a bit, but in our house, you’d be fighting for it!) If you are lucky, the bag will come out clean, and you throw it away. Enjoy! I did this for my married daughters and anyone who needs an idea. They better take care of the leftovers, because that’s all I’m cooking today. Eat, drink your milk, and then have a Sunday nap!

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