Serve as a Princess – Throwback Thursday 4/20/17

 This a story about service. Many years ago, on a planet (that seemed) far, far away, (Riverside, Utah) there was a group of girls (my three younger daughters and I.) We (they) dressed up like princesses to go see a musical their cousins were doing with Disney songs at the Old Barn Theatre. Our girls had a great time, (and I enjoyed it, too!) Katie sang some songs wonderfully, and Abbey played Tinkerbell exceptionally well! They posed in this picture with their famous cousins, it was so exciting.

After, we had to go get some food (kids get hungry, right?) So we went to the closest place, Riverside gas station, to get their yummy chicken. While we were chowing down, a lady came in very bloody and traumatized. It was busy, so the store clerk did not give her any attention. I jumped up, and followed her into the bathroom. The girls followed (thank goodness!) I calmed her down, and assured her she would be alright. I sent Whitney to the front to see if they had a first aid kit. They did. Come to find out she was from Arkansas, and they were on a road trip. She was taking a walk in the parking lot when she tripped and fell. Her husband was in the bathroom, and had not seen a thing. She was not thinking clearly, so I had to walk her through everything. We talked to keep her mind off what was happening. I mentioned my son was in Arkansas serving a mission. Then we got into religion. She said she knew some Mormons, and they were nice. I assured her there were many nice people of all religions. We finally finished cleaning out the gravel and bandaging her up. She thanked me profusely. Her husband finally showed up, and was accordingly freaked out and flustered. I told him it was okay, and to go make an ice pack. As we parted, it dawned on me, this was a teaching moment. On the way home we discussed the story of the Good Samaritan. We need to serve where we are placed in at that point in time. I know God placed me there to help those people and show them that Mormons were kind people. Thus laying the groundwork for what may come in the future. He loves all of His children no matter who they are and where they have been placed on this earth. I am an instrument for good. I must be so in tune that I can answer the call. This day, I was in the right place and watching and understanding what I needed to do. I can’t say this is always the case, but this day all the pieces fit together. I am thankful I could do it. I felt great! Maybe it was the endorphins. I never thought I could be a first responder (since I don’t do blood,) but maybe I could. I felt level headed and in control. I think that was a blessing that I had for this day, to help this lady. Because we are all beloved children of God! Don’t forget that!

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