Stand – Working Wednesday 4/12/17

I never imagined that standing could be such an exhausting task! Today I stood from the wheelchair, holding onto a bar, and with someone to balance me. I did this about 15 (or more) times in rapid succession. I did not know your knees and other leg muscles work so incredibly hard to get you vertical. (I took standing for granted.) The physical therapist did not help me stand, he just held my arm in case I fell. I use momentum by swinging my body, but there’s a window in front of me. So I can’t swing a lot! (No glass inflicted head wounds right now!) Then I stand while leaning forward over my feet. The very first action is the hardest. Once I can push through that, I’m home free. But it’s dang hard. (“What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.”) This action is a lot like squats! I take well deserved rests after every five. Sound effects are necessary to complete. The therapist said I sounded like Arnold Schwarzenegger so the next one I did I grunted, “I’ll be back.” I had to rest, since I was laughing so hard! This exercise is getting easier the more I do it. Let’s not talk about the serious pain the next morning. Appreciate your ease in standing. (Unless you’re getting out of the couch.) That exercise gives a new meaning to “Take a Stand!”

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