Walking – Working Wednesday 4/19/17

You need to appreciate your ease in everyday walking. I remember when I didn’t even think twice about it. When one leg doesn’t cooperate and one is weaker, it’s much harder. I had a brace made (thanks Rocky Mountain Brace and Heidi) that helps my right knee not to hyperextend. (We’ve worked it so hard, it wants to go backwards!) But now I have this brace it doesn’t do that.

This is the video of me walking with the hanging strap system.

This is a picture, the video is above.

Riley let me use a pair of his men’s 13 shoes. I need to wear bigger shoes to fit over the brace. (It is like half of a cast that I can put on and take off. Kelli and I chose a cool blue swirl design.) But those big shoes were so big, they felt like clown shoes! In the video I was wearing one shoe that fits me and one incredibly huge shoe. Try walking like that! So Darin bought me size 11 women’s shoes, they fit over the brace, and they are just a slightly large. Now I can wear two matching shoes, and I won’t trip over my large toes. (Oh, the drama.)

They enjoy walking me. They like to see me exerted to the limit. It really is hard work. (Who would’ve thunk?) No pain, no gain. (I guess!)

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