Weakness – Saying Saturday 4/15/17

I picked this quote, because I love Elder Eyring, and it hits close to home. Strokes leave you with major weakness! I need to keep up a poitive attitude and have faith to get better and keep advancing forward. There is guy here that suffered a stroke similar to me. He has been here for three years! He sleeps a lot, and is onery and pessimistic. He never leaves his room. (Mainly gave up!) This stroke ain’t gonna beat me! I will be happy, kind, and will try my hardest everyday. I know my body is pretty weak right now, but through the power of the Lord I have grown stronger and will grow stronger.The other way to look at this quote is that we must be humble to progress through Christ. We must know that we are not the end all-be all and are weak, but through the Lord we can become stronger than we currently are. Just admitting that, means we are meek and humble. Having humility means we are free of pride and puffed-upedness.(Not what I once pictured, as being a weakling.)Our confession of humility makes us turn in our weakness to the Lord, then we let Him make us strong. We will be strong in our convictions, our testimony, and our bodies.Then we will progress throughout our lives. This is what we strive for. Strength is happiness and contentment.

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