Hyperemotionaldysfunction – Feelings Friday 4/21/17

Hyper-emotional-dysfunction (my new made-up word) noun 1. Crying that is uncontrollable. 2. Crying that onsets for no reason. 3. Emotion, happy or sad, that goes on longer than normal.             I am plagued with this problem. Ever since the stroke (on Prozac or not, it doesn’t matter) I possess way intense emotions, happy or sad. Nothing else just happy or sad. I’m sure if you wanted to, you could psycho-analysis me. (I would make a A+ research paper!) Mostly one thing or people, who I treasure, make me remember, memories of my life before, then I cry. If I can get my mind to wander off the current subject, then I stop suddenly. But other times the crying can last quite awhile. (Who knows?) If I am in the cry zone, then it doesn’t take much to get me going again. When people say nice things or comment on my progress, I cry. When I see the sentimental or exciting part of a movie, tv show, or the news, I cry. If I get super excited or intensely anticipate an event, I cry.  (Like good news!) If I get mad (which is rare,) I cry. Certain songs (okay most) can bring back memories or touch me differently than they used to, I cry. I cry randomly, too. There’s no good reason, I just do. There are lots of things that strike me as funny, then I laugh and laugh and laugh! (My kids think it’s hilarious!) Sometimes I laugh and cry at the same time (claugh,) it is usually because I don’t understand why I’m crying. Most people mistake crying for sadness, maybe I will be crying because of a good thing. (Happy tears.) I can’t show or control subtle emotion. Any way you slice it, my emotions have changed. I don’t know if that side of brain is blocked, or my emotion pod has been damaged. (Neurologists can’t even explain it.) So if you spend time around me, just know I have little or no control, and I probably will cry. There are more cry sides on my dice than laugh sides. (That’s the nature of the beast.) Michelle says, “A cry bubble has popped.” (That’s one way to see it!) I bet you won’t look at your own emotion the same way again. I am pretty sure I’m the Crying Champion at Sunshine Terrace! (‘It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.”) Considering my situation, I guess I can do what I want. Right?

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