Angels – Sayings Saturday 4/22/17

A friend asked me if I thought angels were around me. That’s been on my mind since she asked. It has crossed my mind before, but I haven’t contemplated deeply about that idea for many months. I know there are angels, life possesses way too many coincidences. (I am not that lucky!) They are working feverishly for our benefit. Angels have been allowed to come by God to earth to minister to us. I know throughout my trials they have sat at my side. (For many, many months!) They were among my family, too. My angels did all they could to ease sorrows, mine and my loved ones. They wrapped their arms around us. They were there for us, even if we weren’t fully aware of it. As a child, I thought angels didn’t have wings, and we avoided any caricature of an angel with wings. But as I have grown. I have decided that angels with wings are just a depiction of angelic glory and flight from heaven. They’re alright. They signify love from heaven. Angels come from the after-life and the pre-mortal world for people they love. I cant wrap my head around how that works. (Nobody on earth can.) But I know there exists, without a doubt angels, our beloved deceased ones, watching over us! I have felt their comforting presence. Elder Holland believes it, too. (No doubt about it!)

                                                                                           My favorite angel picture!

One response to “Angels – Sayings Saturday 4/22/17”

  1. I truly believe there are angels among us, and I believe many many times that angel has been you, Kim. I am grateful for the angels in my life, seen and unseen.


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