Pay It Forward – Movie Monday 4/24/17

This pay it forward concept is ingenious. One gives without expecting anything in return, they serve another in proxy of what they received. In the movie, a young boy helps people and they return the favors to another person. But they must be large. This idea really can change the world for the better. It transcends selfishness and love of one’s self. It is just a stepping stone to world peace. (Thinking of others, what a concept!) I haven’t seen this movie in a while, but now I have been contemplating it, I would like to. (I need to have my kids find it for me.) The idea of showing our gratitude by helping a different person intrigues me. But what can I do to adaquetly serve another, to match how I have been served throughout my ordeal? What could I possibly do with as much weight? (That’s a cunundrum!) There will have to be more than three, that’s for sure. I have so much abounding gratitude for what has been done for me and my family in my absence. I feel the need to pass it on. I better get going (think, think, think,) and hatch a few plans. But I do know I will have help, I will be prompted by the Holy Ghost regarding what service and the recipient who needs it the most. It might not be easy or convenient, but I will listen and heed. I know we all have had stupendous acts done for us and/or my family, and we feel the yearnings to pay it back. But paying it forward is a more selfless alternative. (Although showing our gratitude to the giver is kindhearted and necessary.) Pay It Forward (the movie) is a breath of fresh air, no matter how it ends. (Sorry, spoiler alert!) It’s all about gratitude, however you can show it. Gratitude shows the true intents of your heart, and is the opposite of entitlement and selfishness. These are attributes we want to foster in us and our children. Show gratitude whenever and wherever you can. (Make the world a better place!)

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