Abs – Working Wednesday 4/26/17

Who loves sit-ups? (Cricket noises) Neither do I. But it is a necessary evil. I would highly enjoy parting with my well-earned gut. (Laying around after the stroke for almost eight months, endless shots and giving birth to six kids will give you that!) I need to strengthen my core again. I asked if crunches or full sit-ups were more beneficial. They told me that they are essentially the same. They want me to do a full sit-up, because I am doing double duty as I pull going back. I try not to engage my arm, and make abs do the majority of the work. The point of doing this!) It is seriously a difficult exercise. (I got my shirt all sweaty.)

Speaking of t-shirt, I had this shirt made after a line we started saying. “No rest for the wicked, WICKED WALKER!” They called me a wicked walker. I am sure its just motivational. I am walking now with just a small walker, and a guy moving my right leg. It’s okay, as long as I keep my weight forward. If not, I feel like I’m going to fall backwards. We go about 12 feet then I sit down for a deserved break in a wheelchair that someone trials behind me with. We walk about six times. (Still an exhausting endeavor!) Don’t forget what a blessing you have when you hop up and walk across the room effortlessly. When your body forgets how, it’s much more of a production!

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