Lucky Blessing #1 – Gratitude

I just loved sharing my thoughts every day in February. I decided to challenge myself in March. If you are sick of me just scroll on. This month is all about luck. But what is luck anyway but a blessing or as some say a tender mercy of our Heavenly Father. If we fall on hard times or bad luck the Lord just has a lesson(s) for us to learn. There are blessings hidden within that trial somewhere. So I challenge you to share or list a “Lucky Blessing” each day. 
#1- Lucky Blessings Come From Gratitude. 

If there’s no gratitude, that blessing or deed goes unnoticed. I guarantee if there’s no gratitude, the giver is saddened that includes Heavenly Father. But if we are sincerely grateful, the giver is happy and will want to give us more. But that shouldn’t be your only reason to give thanks. We need to sit down and truly list all of our blessings, I know you’ll be pleasantly surprised and even humbled at how good you have it! If you can’t sleep, listing them will surely do it, like counting sheep its never ending. (That makes me think of a song, hint: Bing Crosby.) There is too much intitlement in kids today. Teach them to give thanks often, it will enrich their lives. Appreciate all the blessings you have been given in this life. “Gratitude is an Attitude” (That was an excellent talk, look it up! By Elder Uchdorf) You need to live with gratitude in your heart, make it a way of life.

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