Lucky Blessing #10 – Walking

Lucky Blessing Challenge #10 – A Lucky Blessing is Walking. 

It is such a blessing to get around on your own two feet. I have learned that handicap access is crucial. Since I’ve been getting around in a wheelchair, I have become so aware of the smoothest, stairless route. A stroke just zaps all of your energy, but its coming back, slowly. Today I put on a harness to walk hanging from a track on the ceiling. It reminded me of the baby jumpers that hang from the doorframe. They moved my right foot for me as I walked two laps. At the end, they said, “Just hang there” while they got my chair. So I swung around for giggles! Even though it sounds fun, like Lagoon, it was super hard! But I know it is another step in my journey. (Haha, that’s a pun!) Next time you walk out your door, think of how you need to appreciate being upright, on your feet! And your ease in being mobile. Thank your maker for that blessing, with every step you take. (Newsie kick!)

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