Lucky Blessing #14 – Social Media

Lucky Blessing Challenge #14- A Lucky Blessing is Social Media. 

You all must not be totally disgusted with social media since you’re reading this. It can be kind of annoying sometimes. But I see it as a blessing that enables us to stay in touch, see what’s happening, have a good belly laugh, or read posts from the inspirational people. When I got back on after a long absense, a lot of people were shocked “is that really you?” and were extremely happy. I had a difficult time typing at first, and a post was very time consuming. I have improved exponentially . My non-dominant hand is learning. I just have to say, I sincerely appreciate all of the likes and the heartfelt wishes of love and support. You must know, they have really kept me motivated and indeed loved. So the next time someone knocks social media, you can use my experience as an example of how good it can be. Social media has its positive points, too. I have found a sense of purpose in writing everyday, (I always needed a project) and my dad prints each one for my book. Thank God for social media, seriously!

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