Lucky Blessing #16 – Water

Lucky Blessing Challenge #16- A Lucky Blessing is Water. 

I really appreciate water, especially running water! Most of you know the feeling of no showers, no dish washing, no doing laundry… you get it. Maybe your life was one, big flood. You could be so sick of water but… I appreciate getting a glass of ice water. I immensely like to have clean clothes and dishes, since I used to wash most of them! I know the ordeal and satisfaction of the end result and sometimes wet shirt sleeves. Three days a week I do physical therapy in a pool. It is the best half hour of my day! The pool lowers down, and with a little help I hold onto the bar and do squats, leg lifts, and the floor is a treadmill, so I do lots of walking. The buoyancy of the water makes it easier to move. Today I walked sideways. It felt so good I started adding hops to my steps! It is about 95 degrees so it’s incredibly warm, until I’m done and come up out of the water! (Cold!) Then I get dry and bundled up. I go back to my room, and get help with a nice warm shower. Isn’t a warm shower amazingly wonderful?
Water is an integral part of our lives. Aren’t we glad we don’t have to go the river and haul back what we need to survive? I sure do appreciate the convenient blessing of water that comes out of a faucet on our command. We live at a wonderful time and in a wonderful place! We are incredibly fortunate. Add running water to your blessing list.

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