Lucky Blessing #17 – Good Hearing

Lucky Blessing Challenge #17- A Lucky Blessing is Good Hearing.

My hearing has come and gone in both ears. The brain is so intensely complicated that no one can tell me why. (I’ve watched a lot of shows and not heard them!) You’d think it would be the right ear since my right side is what I call “frozen,” mostly. The hearing loss has been in the left ear for a while. I had a hearing test, and there’s not much as far as reception. But the right ear compensates quite well. I am trying a hearing aid that picks up sound from the right year and gives it to the left ear. (But uh, it costs $2000!) For that price I’ll turn the TV up a little louder, and ask people to talk in my right ear!
I speak from unwanted experience that good hearing is very important in your life! God blessed you with a crucial sense. (If you use hearing aids, go team!) Imagine not hearing your favorite song? When you can’t hear, you feel left out of casual conversation. And once someone repeats it they’re on to something else, leaving you unable to comment. Hearing, aka listening, to others is key to truly understanding them. Thank God for your hearing and all the wonderful sounds we can partake of! “Can you hear me now?”

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