Lucky Blessing #18 – Sweet Treats

Lucky Blessing Challenge #18- Lucky Blessings are Sweet Treats. 

I have been on a diet for a few weeks (laying around for seven months doesn’t help!) And the absence of carbs and dessert have made me long for something just plain yummy! (I have cheated now and then! I confess. I’m human.) The sugary, decadent, concoctions are really a sweet blessing, because they just taste so good! Picture a life without anything sweet like chocolate, cheesecake, or a soft, warm cookie! (Boring!) We all have our favorites. I miss sugar in my life. I know God gave us sweet treats so we could have joy. (They will bring me joy someday!) Appreciate those scrumptious bites of wonderful deliciousness, they really add a punch to our lives! Enjoy for me!

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