Lucky Blessing #2 – Head & Heart

Lucky Blessing Challenge #2- A Lucky Blessing is I Have a Head & a Heart. 

I do not take that for granted after all I have lost! I can think and feel. (Darin knew I was all there when he saw me roll my eyes and started sign language!) I mull over my life, the future, and the kids often. I am grateful for computer games that let me utilize my brain. (I am hooked on Words with Friends!) I still have all my memories. Everyday I go to therapy, I see good old Ellis Elementary down the street and remember my childhood. I still cry, sometimes its spontaneous, sometimes I am touched by something. (Not much has changed that way.) My niece, Aly, says it’s good to let it out. It’s benefits the body systems. The Spirit gets the waterworks going. I can’t hide how I feel, it’s a side effect. (We always bring tissue to church! I am the crier, most of the rest are asleep including Darin!) The Lord has blessed me with my personality. Many people who have a stroke do not have these gifts. Today, be grateful for your mind! I am.

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