Lucky Blessing #20 – My Husband

Lucky Blessing Challenge #20- A Lucky Blessing is my Husband.

I know I’ve written about him before, but I guess I’m just In love with a great guy! (A little bias there) All through this trial of my stroke he has always done what is best for me. He always goes way out of his way to make me comfortable, picks me up, and moves me where I want to go. He has had a bad back for years, (he used to be extreme with sports) but he never hesitates to do what needs to be done. I gave him a pillow that says “Best.Nurse.Ever.” He thought, yeah, you can tell me what to do like a nurse. But I really meant it as a compliment! (He can do pretty much anything they can do.) He is not only an awesome husband and father, but a wonderful caregiver. I trust and love him with all my heart. He might talk like he is a “big” smart aleck, but he acts with love and loyalty. He demands the best for me, which gives me confidence. I know I can do it, because he knows I can do it. 29 years ago (I know, dang we’re old) as we were married and sealed together in the Logan temple, I had no clue how devoted and caring he truly would be! I am very lucky, or blessed, same thing!

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