Lucky Blessing #21 – Living in my Valley

Lucky Blessing Challenge #21- A Lucky Blessing is Living in my Valley. 

This quaint little valley nestled in the heart of the mountains is my home. I love this valley with the grand LDS Temple, scenic USU campus, flowing waterways and the majestic Wellsville mountains. (Just to name a few!) We are so lucky to live among such awesome beauty and numerous recreational opportunities! The traffic and crime rates are much lower than cities down south. (Just stay off of Logan’s Main Street!) Most towns are still slow and quiet, and the neighbors still know and care for one another. (Lewiston is still pretty slow except for the Fourth of July!) We still have some amber waves of grain and green corn fields. I feel blessed to be here to enjoy the tall mountains and the green trees and the sparkling water. Thank God for our uniquely wonderful valley!

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