Lucky Blessing #22 – Wedding

Lucky Blessing Challenge #22- A Lucky Blessing is a Wedding.

The big day has finally come. Jocelyn might seem fun and nice, but she is truly a blessing to Zack! They complete each other. Even with their goat-cow conflict, they will be a fabulous farm family. I appreciate how if you live right, it all works out. In the temple, I cried. It was my first baby getting married! (Big surprise, and I don’t cry quietly!) A great big thanks to those who helped with the lunch. It all turned out great, even though Darin didn’t have a list. (I couldn’t function without a list!) Riley gave a wonderful toast. I was proud of him. Krystal was a huge help, I appreciate that. (All my kids are great!) The reception was nice, a bit overwhelming, but really nice. We had numerous guests/support, and it was very wonderful to see all those friends I hadn’t seen in a long time! (My face was tired from smiling!) A wedding brings family and friends together as they celebrate a new union. I look forward to watching them make a new life together, and seeing them learn the lessons they can only learn themselves. (I remember being young and stupid, we all were!) We can thank the heavens for that chance and those fun times. Best wishes Zack & Jocelyn!

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