Lucky Blessing #23 – Patience

Lucky Blessing Challenge #23- Lucky Blessings come from Patience. 

I gotta say having a stroke makes me the foremost authority on the subject. In the past, I had the control freak, get-ur-done personality. I made things happen. (With six kids and a farmer husband you kind of had to.) The time I spent “locked in” (not being able to move or speak, but you are totally aware,) waiting for help (many times a day,) having the trach (that experience is the epitome of patience,) and no voice (try getting your point across, 24/7 Charades) have all taught me that patience must be had to survive. I could be impatient and drive myself crazy, or just find a way to deal with the situation. I know now that patience just takes understanding and a little bit of maturity. You will get what you want eventually. (Patience is a virtue that you get over time!) God’s timetable is way different than yours. We might pray and pray for something, and the answer might be no. But someday our prayers will be answered, maybe not exactly how we want it – but they will be for our best. If there is something you want (like yesterday!) take it from me, the way you act while waiting shows what kind of person you are. A true blessing is having patience. Patience is achieved through time and love. We can do it!

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