Lucky Blessing #24 – Exercise

Lucky Blessing Challenge #24- A Lucky Blessing is Exercise. 

I bet with that title, I lost half of you. But please stay with me here. I started out at the beginning of the stroke barely able to move. I remember struggling to touch my forehead, and Darin said (cause I don’t remember) when they put me in a standing frame and stood me up that I passed out! So uh, yeah, I’ve come a long way. I stand alone (with a lot of effort,) and walk with help! (See the video, it’s there.) I was doing 3 hours a day, now its about an hour a day. I am getting better because I do something everyday (which wipes me out!) Bit by bit, and baby step by baby step (Darin calls them caterpillar steps) I progress. I gotta move, or I will go backwards and atrophy. 
You are blessed with sound bodies (yeah they might ache a little,) but you can walk and move around. Take a walk (or walk the dog.) Play a game with the kids. Do something cardio in front of the TV. Just stand up and sit down over and over. Go up and down stairs a bunch of times. No excuses. (Take an Aleve!) If I can do it, so can you. I used to be an anti-exercise person (oh, I’m too busy and too tired,) but you need to make it a priority. You’ll feel better, and as a side effect the endorphins will make you perk up. And as a main effect you’ll look and feel better. (No guilt!) The Lord wants to see you healthy and happy. It doesn’t have to be hard. Give it a shot. “Let’s get physical…”

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