Lucky Blessing #25 – Rolling Over

Lucky Blessing Challenge #25- A Lucky Blessing is Rolling Over. 

Now you might think that sounds stupid, but don’t take it for granted! Last night, my back hurt very bad. I tried to roll on my right side, but there was a pillow under my right leg and the drop foot boot so I couldn’t get over. So I called an aide, and asked her to roll me to my right side. She arranged my pillows to help me be more comfortable. But it wasn’t long before my right arm (the frozen one) was asleep because I couldn’t adjust it. Then I called her and asked for help to lay on my left side. It worked for awhile, but my right arm was not cooperating. It hung off the bed or I held it on the pillow. Then I couldn’t sleep because I was holding my arm! (Bother!) So I gave up and called to be put back on my back. (That was fun.) It made me think, as I laid there awake, I sure used to take a simple thing like rolling over in bed for granted. When you lose certain abilities you can surely miss them! (Take it from an expert.) The next time you roll over in bed, say a little prayer of gratitude for small and simple things you can do! You have been blessed to do many things that seem so commonplace. There are a lot!

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