Lucky Blessing #27 – Wonderful Neighbors

Lucky Blessing Challenge #27- A Lucky Blessing is Wonderful Neighbors and Ward Family. 

I went to my home ward church today. It’s been over 7 months since I’ve been there. I thought I would cry a lot (cause that’s what I do) but I never expected this… I was immediately welcomed from the pulpit by an emotional bishop who made a point that it was a miracle that I was here, and their collective prayers were answered. Then everyone turned to look! (Man, that was so nice and awkward at the same time.) I wanted to crawl in a hole, but I knew that these were all my friends who genuinely love me! (Tears were shed.) I looked around at their loving faces, and I knew they were all on my side. These are the fabulous people who included me in their prayers (and I know there were and are many more!) These were the angels who fed my family and support us in countless ways. Many cards of love have been written and visits to me even when I was far away. Today I was hugged and greeted with sincere love countless times. It was surreal to hear my name in the prayers. (What an honor!) I could not ask for more! My neighbor friends have rallied to buoy up me and my family through this trial in the most Christlike of ways! (Doing what was taught.) I am so blessed for each and every one of their friendships to us. I could be so lucky!

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