Lucky Blessing #28 – Eyesight

Lucky Blessing Challenge #28- A Lucky Blessing is Good Eyesight. 

Hi, my name is Kim, and I am a victim of the forty year curse. I was 20/20 until I hit 40. Then the words got blurry, and my arms weren’t long enough. I had reader glasses everywhere, so I always had them at my fingertips. Reading a shampoo bottle in the shower, forget about it! (I didn’t have a pair in the shower!) After the stroke, my eyesight would get worse and then better. Sometimes I saw double. (That was annoying.) Now and then I look at the TV, and think, “Those faces look blurry.” And I still have 3 pairs of readers here at my disposal for reading words. (I ask the kids to hand me my eyes.) Eyesight (especially good sight) is incredibly important to your quality of life. We have been blessed with ways to see even if we have hit the 40 year curse. I appreciate living in a day and place where I have access to those aids called glasses. Be thankful for your sight, no matter how good it is, you can see this beautiful world! “I see the light!”

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