Lucky Blessing #29 – Not Having Guilt

Lucky Blessing Challenge #29- A Lucky Blessing is Not Having Guilt.

I thought long and hard about what I would write about today. If you are anything like I was, (a hardworking parent) we excel at guilt. We always compare ourselves to the Pinterest pros, who seem to handle everything picture perfect. But we don’t see behind closed doors. Everybody has bumps in the road. (Mine just happens to be ten feet high.) We all have challenges of some kind. We work all day (and sacrifice family time) to make the perfect looking kids, house, yard. But no matter how hard we work, it will never be Pinterest perfect. Thats where guilt comes in. (I am the worst!) I feel guilty for leaving my family to their own devices, and not being a wife and mom at home. I feel guilty for leaving my job and clients in the lurch. I could go on and on. But its out of my control. So my control is my attitude. All I can be is an example. (Someone is always watching.) So I better be a good one. I can’t let the guilt (that Satan gives me) hinder my progression. Guilt is a large, ugly monster that instills self doubt. God knows we can be empowered. (We are awesome like that.) We can’t let it win. Be thankful for the opportunity each day to be better than the day before, and not let big, bad, green obstacle called guilt get us down. (Guilt is not my boss.) We have the free agency to react well to our circumstances. It’s our choice. “Choose wisely.”

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