Lucky Blessing #30 -Kindness 

Lucky Blessing Challenge #30- A Lucky Blessing is Kindness. 

Elder Oakes ( a church leader) gave a landmark talk nine and half years ago (has it been that long?) about choosing good, better or best. That really made a difference in my busy, hectic life. I’ve been thinking of it in respect to kindness. Good, is a smile; Better is a “thank you” or “I’m doing fine” (what we say when we don’t really want to elaborate;) then there’s Best, when we really get where the other person is coming from and sincerely care and show patience. Here in the “rehabilitation home” we deal with people (staff or residents) who come from different places and are dealing with complex situations we don’t know about. My response to them is I can be good- a smile, better- a thank you, or best- understand where they are coming from and react with sincere kindness. (That’s why I’m the favorite!) It all boils down to what kind of person you want to be. (We can be eh or great!) We are naturally attracted and want to be around people who genuinely care. What’s the use in being mean or ornery? When we are driving, are we the person who reacts with road rage to someone’s stupid move, (it can happen easily,) or are we best and think that maybe they are having a bad day. We just don’t know what trial they are facing. How do we feel when someone shows us random kindness when we need it most? Someone I didn’t know once gave me their umbrella as I was waiting outside in the pouring rain. Then they just drove off less one umbrella! I always intended to buy a bunch of umbrellas to give away. Let’s be better. (I mean best!) Think as you rush through the day: What could that person be dealing with? Choose the best when it comes to kindness. “Kindness begins with me!” Aren’t we all grateful for kindness at it’s best?

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