Lucky Blessing #31 – Compassion

Lucky Blessing Challenge #31- The Last Lucky Blessing is Compassion. 

I think back on the last seven months since my stroke, and I get overwhelmed at the outpouring of love and compassion given in my name! (Don’t get me started…) I think of paying all the service forward (I have a lot of work to do! I better get off my rear, and get busy!) So many acts of selfless, charitable service. Some service was small and personally touching, (your comments mean a lot to me!) and other gifts were unbelievable massive! (Wow!) How do I possibly give thanks? President Monson once spoke about compassion (It was really insightful.) He said, “We have no way of knowing when our privilege to extend a helping hand will unfold before us.” Some angels are always willing and able to brighten another’s day. My favorite Bible story is a parable Jesus shared. It was about a man who was badly beaten (sound familiar?) and was passed up on the side of the road. Then the third man (who was from a unpopular culture) helps him way beyond what was asked of him. Jesus said, “Do likewise my friend.” (One of my favorite songs, look it up.) There have been many beyond count who were good samaritans to me and my family. Why? Because they had true compassion. Certain members of my family and special friends were faithfully by my side through the tough months when I was literally beaten down. Quite a few have gone way out of their way for me. (I’m not worthy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!) I have been so immensely blessed to be served with such great compassion, I would rather be the server. (Big time!)

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