Lucky Blessing #4 – Food

Lucky Blessing Challenge #4- A Lucky Blessing is Food. 

If you go without something for awhile it becomes even better! I had a trach for four months, and I spent about three and a half on a feeding tube with some yellow junk keeping me satisfied. (If you can call it that!) When I started eating it was ice chips and puréed (baby) food. I was so done with that really quick! Darin bought me an Arby’s roast beef sandwich, which was heavenly! I had no trouble with it. So he kinda told them he did it, and that is when they changed my diet to real food! Different tastes we’re so scrumptious! Juice is now a little too sweet, and carbonation bugs my throat. (I still drink Dr. Pepper, but flat is better.) Don’t take food for granted! God blessed us so many yummy tastes. When I eat in the dining room here at Sunshine Terrace, they beg people to eat. Not me, I eat every bite with gratitude and enjoyment. Even though sometimes people overindulge, we have been blessed with so many amazingly delectable foods! Joy can be found by moderatly consuming and appreciating God’s gifts of flavorful food. Manga!

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