Lucky Blessing #6 – Communication

Lucky Blessing Challenge #6- A Lucky Blessing is Communication.

I have found getting my point across in the last six months to be quite a challenge. I couldn’t speak for four months when I had the trach in. Right at first, I could only shake my head back and forth and give a thumbs up. (I learned that an itch eventually goes away.) When I could move my hand, I found that pointing to charts was the best form of communicating. I started using the sign language alphabet, but not many people knew it. (So frustrating!) I learned when I was teenager and never forgot it. My girls, family, and some friends learned it or knew it, and they would translate as I signed. I was trying to tell Darin on the letter board one day, “We went…” and he got to wewe and he looked at me weird, and we laughed a good long time! Even after the trach came out, my speech has improved significantly. It is still not up to perfection, but I am working with a Speech Therapist. My hearing is real bad in my left ear, so that doesn’t help either. My singing range is only five notes, so yeah, that is hard. I used to love singing alto, but I can still hear the parts. Its all about breath control. I can only hold my breath for about four seconds. (Not very long! I know you are now seeing how long you can hold your breath.)                                       
Communicating with others is a blessing we can really take for granted. The ability to speak  and get your point across to one another is so important. Don’t take that God given blessing too lightly. I can tell you, its incredibly important! Be thankful you can talk.

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