Lucky Blessing #9 – Music

Lucky Blessing Challenge #9- A Lucky Blessing is Good Music. 

A great song from the past can do wonders for your mood. I went to a dairyman dinner tonight (I broke out) and after dinner Eclipse 6 (an a cappella group) sang. Sitting there thinking, I was struck by the idea that God gave us music for joy. We have been blessed with writing and beautiful arrangements of music and awesome talents that make it incredibly enjoyable! They sang an arrangement of “For the Beauty of the Earth” that was seriously touching. (I have a weakness for hymns, they make me cry. Lewiston 1st Ward Relief Society knows this all too well! Now its worse, because hymns bring me the Spirit so hard, and I just cry during every song. They speak to me!) Anywho, I am totally an 80’s child… boy, that music takes me back to my glory days! (My kids know them all thanks to me.) I also like country, (as long as they’re are not dancing in the back of a truck drinking beer!) and some modern pop, (a bunch of the new stuff is pretty good) many of the oldie goldies, (my childhood AM radio “KVNU” gave me an appreciation) and gospel rock. (If you don’t get caught up with misconceptions and be a fellow Christian, it really is good!) Be sure to appreciate all the different music you have in your life! It definitely brings us happiness and joy. Don’t be afraid to sing your heart out in the shower or in the car! Its your God-given right!

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