Lucky Blessings #11 – At the Right Place at the Right Time

Lucky Blessing Challenge #11- A Lucky Blessing is Being in the Right Place at the Right Time.

I totally believe life is not just a game of chance. Heavenly Father knows us way better than we know ourselves, and He truly loves us. Things don’t just happen willy nilly.  (Like a feather in the wind.) God knows us so well that he knows what our choices will be. The day the stroke happened I was with family for the weekend. Most of them went to float the river near Huntsville. I decided I would rather stay behind, play cards, eat treats, and drink Dr. Pepper. After that, we met at a restaurant for dinner. As I was trying to order, I couldn’t focus. Usually it goes away, (I found out later those were mini strokes, undiagnosed) but this time it didn’t go away. Darin was the first to see me and said, “I think she’s having a stroke!” My sister-in-law, Amy, is a nurse and agreed then quickly had someone call an ambulance. I remember it all. It took under a half hour to get to McKay Dee hospital which is a stroke center, and I remember taking my rings off and joking around and receiving a blessing. But I guess I had the big stroke at the hospital, because I don’t remember much more. (Just a lot of talking, because I was locked in.) Looking back, I think I could’ve been on the river, or at home (that’s even farther from civilization,) or with someone who didn’t know what was going on! What serendipity put me in that place at that time with the right people? Like cogs in clock that fit together perfectly, life works out. There was a word for it, kismet. In hind site, which is 20/20, we see the real reason why things work out the way they do. It’s for the best, we just might to be too close to see it. God really is watching out for us it’s called tender mercies. If you think hard, there’s a reason for everything. Thank God in your prayers for all your hidden blessings.

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