Figurative Rain – Sayings Saturday 4/29/17

Wow, we’ve seen a lot of rain lately! But “April showers bring May flowers.” (I know thats no consolation for the constant showers.) I was drawn to this quote, since we are in the thick of it. (hopefully its  over) I want to compare this relentless rain to the constant trials in our lives. We all have them to one extent or the other. (I’m sure we each think our trial is the worst.) It just seems like we get through one, and then another descends upon us. Or you are enduring one, and others are added on top of each other like a big stack. We must acknowledge this is the reason we came to earth. (We signed up for this.) But what we are required to do is construct our lives upon the one true solid foundation, Christ. (The wise man…) He arrived on earth many centuries ago to teach us how to correctly live life. Then He gave that perfect life for us all. When those figurative torrents fall, winds of trouble blow, and rushing floods descent we are rock solid in our convictions and moral strength so we aren’t going to crumble when these hardships prevail against us. We have previously decided the way we will react. It will not be traumatizing when that storm falls on our lives. Currently, I’m dealing with a hurricane that isn’t going to subside anytime soon. But I know the waters will eventually conclude, and I can emerge into the promising, sunny day. Theres also the rule of opposites. We won’t appreciate the “sun shiny day” without multiple hard “cloudy days.” (Just think how delighted we’ll be to see a clear, blue sky!) “I can see clearly now the rain is gone…”

Enjoy the hard times, they are times in your short existence that you can’t get back!

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