Love is Appreciating

Love Challenge – Love is Appreciating the Small Things.

After you go many months without something, you are very aware of God’s great creations. Even the smallest thing becomes really special. I am sure that is why young kids are so amazing. Their wonderment at the most inane things helps us remember the same wonderment for ourselves. A colorful evening sunset, big fluffy snowflakes, a wonderfully scrumptious piece of chocolate, the memorable tones of your favorite song, the twitch of a once paralyzed hand (yeah I moved it) and even a caring kiss goodbye from a loved one all become special again. I also appreciate the kind service of another so very much! To think someone would go out of their way for me. Each one of us is so blessed. Try appreciating the little things. Be thankful for all you have been given. Its a lot! Your life will be better for it.

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