Love is Optmism

Love Challenge – Love is Optimism. 

Why not look on the bright side? Pessimists are much less happy. I have a sign by the back door that says “Attitude is your choice- pick a good one.” I even want a certain dairy farmer not let those cows ruin his day. If your day goes bad, don’t share your bad feelings with others. (My husband) As I lift weights that seem impossible, I must remember it may be hard I just need to look at it optimistically. I say to myself, ‘This too shall pass.” When the situation seems bad, find the humor and the positive side. Have a good laugh about what is happening, its better than crying! Doing a good turn for others (especially when we’ve had a hard day) can help make our own day better. Then we can “turn everyone’s frown upside down.” Those who serve, have love and optimism. They truly want to see the other happy. Spread joy, not sorrow or anger. When times get rough, look at it with rose colored glasses and soften your heart. You could have it worse.

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