Sweet Smells Of Spring

via Daily Prompt: Perfume

I am writing in response to the daily prompt by WordPress. They do it to get people writing. When I think of perfume, I am sent up to the mountains. The sweet perfume of the wildflowers across the meadows hearkens wonderful memories of days gone by.  Nature unfolds it’s own variety of luscious scents. Especially in the spring, as the new random flowers emerge, we can enjoy the blooms as we can take in mother nature’s bounty. We can be as fresh and beautiful as these flowers. Turn your life in a new direction, and shake off the old ways and unwanted attitudes. Embrace a life of goodness and beauty. (You can do it!) The sweet life is waiting for you as much as you are waiting for it. Reach out for what gives you true joy, pluck it up and take in the sweet scents. (You deserve it!)

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