Love is Dr. Pepper

Love Challenge – Love is Dr. Pepper. 

We all have guilty pleasures of some sort. It might be chocolate, TV, shopping, or video games. Mine happens to be the diet kind. (To keep the blood sugar happy.) There is no sweeter sound than “psssst,” popping open of the soda can or bottle.  (No offense to other sweet sounds!) My husband and kids know that the first sip is the best, and they better let me have it. (If they know what is good for them! I know where they sleep.) I tell my husband, “Forget the dozen roses, bring me a bouquet of Dr. Pepper!” The way to a women’s heart is down her throat. (At least in my case.) Anywho, we all need something to keep us sane. No problem. We all work so hard. But keep it at a safe and respectable level! Thanks to those who have supplied me with my dp that I love!

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