Love is Adapting

Love Challenge – Love is Adapting. 

Some people are crushed by change. They don’t adapt well to changes in their lives, big or small. They see change as a terrible event in their lives, and yes, some are horrible occurrences. I am not saying that you accept bad conditions or change yourself. I am saying if something occurs in your life that is out of your control, you must learn to deal with it or be haunted for a long time. Get some closure or have some healing time, then move on. Like the song from Frozen, “Let It Go.” Love is rolling with whatever happens. Forgiving and forgetting. Change is just a normal part of life, accept it, embrace it. Adapt your colors like a chameleon. It might not be especially fun at the time, but it work out in the end. At times change can be for your benefit or detrimate, either way something good will materialize as a result. Maybe it’s far down the road that you actually envision it, but it is there. The beneficial point may be trivial (like I don’t have to shop for that person anymore) or it could be more significant. I heard a quote (not sure who its from) “Don’t cry over what was, smile because it happened.” Think back on the happy times and take joy in the fond memories. Sometimes I feel “guilt” for changing so many lives by the stroke that happened to me. I know I couldn’t control it, but those who truly love me show me that its no big deal. (Although I know better.) That is adapting. I know my life will never be the same, but I won’t surrender. I will fight to make my body perform again with an accepting attitude regarding the situation. (I understand, easier said than done.) Think of one thing good that has come from it. I do know my and my husband’s families have grown closer. That was my first thought while I was laying in the hospital as everyone was consoling each other. They have reached out to me like I’ve never seen before. They have enriched their ability to love and adapt. Unbelievable, I have found more good benefits. I appreciate all those who have stepped up and loved and supported us during our change of life. “Roll with it, baby…”

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