Love is Integrity

Love Challenge – Love is Integrity. 

You know, doing what you unequivocally know is right. It’s my favorite Young Women’s value. What do you think the world would be like if everyone one loved and acted with integrity and good ethics? (Way different!) I hope my kids act with integrity at home and all around. I know they will, because I have awesome children! I was taught great integrity by my parents. Now it’s up to us to teach and live with integrity. We are an example. (Someone is always watching!) It takes more courage to do things just because they are easy. It doesn’t mean they’re right. Don’t make your choices because they might be fun, or more time saving, or much less trouble. Integrity is not convenient. But when you live with integrity it has a great consequence, no guilt! (That would be wonderful!) We make difficult choices that align with our internal values. We can stand out in the crowd as we break our comfort zone, and be the one who chooses the right. President Monson wisely told us, ‘Always choose the harder right over the easier wrong.” Acts of love and integrity are constantly shown to me and my family through abounding good works and service. “Choose the right way, and be happy…”

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