How Great Thou Art – Tunes Tuesday 5/2/17

This song has been a favorite mine for as long as I can remember. It’s one of those songs that transcends religion. It speaks to all Christians, “with shout of acclamation.” Carrie Underwood sings it beautifully, and I truly believe her rendition. The wonderful melody brings the Spirit, and reminds of the incomparable love our God has for us. We all personally know what God has blessed us with and our own tender mercies. I think (gospel according to Kim) that we sang this song in the pre-existence.  When we hear it, we are deeply, even unconsciously, reminiscent of our time before earth, Then sings my soul..” He is our great King and loving Heavenly Father. Our love for Him comes through “in humble adoration” with this song as a vehicle. “I in awesome wonder” am cogniscent and grateful for the countless blessings I have, astonishly, been the recipient. “How great thou art!”

2 responses to “How Great Thou Art – Tunes Tuesday 5/2/17”

  1. Oh, Kim. So beautifully said. Such a powerful reminder that even in times of great trial we have a loving Heavenly Father who knows so much more than we do. He is constantly teaching us and blessing us. Kim, you are blessing each of us as we see you working hard and progressing physically but even more as you share your optimism and faith. I love you and I consider myself blessed to know you.


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