May the Fourth Be With You – Throwback Thursday 5/4/17

Star Wars has always been an ongoing obsession with my family since the late 70’s when the first movie came out. (Well the fourth, hmm that’s funny!) The zzzbm, zzzbm of light sabers has survived through generations and is quite the legacy. I grew up tending my nephews during the first set of three movies. Playing like they were Luke and Han was commonplace. Since my sister and I were the only girls, one of us would personify Princess Leia or Chewbacca. Their dad became the Emperor for a birthday party once. (Everyday, Star Wars, for many years!) Therefore when my boys and their cousins became engulfed with Star Wars and the second series of pre-quels in the 90’s, I possessed a pretty extensive mental database. A funny quote out of the mouths of kids… My nephew and my son were dueling with light sabers one day and my nephew stopped and said, “You’re my cousin, right? Now I will kill you!” (They we’re so serious.) Now we have a new generation of Star Wars fanatics with my cousin’s kids and the recent movies. I recently purchased a Star Wars trivia game for my 20ish year old son. (Gifting is harder when they get older.) The family played it on one inside-kind-of-day, and guess who won… yours truly! I guess my many years of accumulated knowledge came in handy. (For once!) ‘The force is strong with this one…”

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