Anticipation – Feelings Friday 5/5/17

We all require something to look forward to. That’s what life consists of. We must have a string of exciting memory making spurts connected together the same muddle-through routine days like a curvy line. A neighbor of mine once said, “You always need tickets on the shelf.” He meant that its mandatory that some event be on the near horizon that you work towards or anxiously await. (We personally don’t travel much with milk cows and all.) But it can mean so much more. Is there a birthday, holiday, party, outing, or special event in your near future? Is there something you anticipate? This should be requisite for it is the necessary spice of life. For me, thats what keeps me functioning. (I need that promise of a future rush.) I kept lists in a journal. Lists for what to pack,what to bring, gift lists ,or what needs to be purchased for the event. “Live for another day!” If there aren’t any promising days in the near future, then throw a party (Celebrate National Cupcake Day or National Horse Day, there’s a day for everything!) And that day better yield some big enthusiasm to help you survive all the ho-hum days in between. We all exist for that anticipated memory-making event. We can’t be expected to sustain life with the same mundane yawn-inducing days for a very extended period. We can’t be expected to cope. It must be broken up with quivering anticipation to keep we simple creatures motivated. That’s the rationale to why we have holidays and vacations. (Well ‘I’ believe that’s the reason.) “Anticipation…it keeps me waiting.”

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