Eddie the Eagle – Movie Monday 5/8/17

I absolutely loved this movie. At first glance the movie might evoke memories of other cliche underdog to champion movies, but it ended up being much more. We rented it at Redbox and almost watched constantly until it was due. Eddie possesses incredible amounts of heart. You can’t help but get emotionally involved. Many people are down on Eddie and his dreams, even the washed-up trainer is hard on him at first. I am lucky that way. I have a whole community of cheerleaders! I know the rehab road to walking and self-sufficiency will be a long one, but I have a wonderful support team to help me keep my head up. I have never heard, ‘you’re not good enough.’ (My family and friends are great optimistic motivators!) Eddie was awkward and untalented, but he demonstrated heart and determination. He kept trying.  I know I look pretty dorky with my limp arm, but I hope to have have as much self-trust and drive as he did. Dreams can come true. “A dream is a wish your heart makes… ” And add a dash of hard work!

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