I Need Thee Every Hour – Tunes Tuesday 5/9/17

When someone like me must depend on so many imperfect people, who are just doing their best, you quickly realize where the number one source of strength originates. I Need Thee Every Hour is a humbling hymn. I turn my needs in my life over to the Lord. Some may ask, “Do you mean God or Jesus Christ?” (Yes, both.) I lean on Christ’s unfailing strength, solid integrity, life-changing example, and brotherly love. He bled from every pore on Calvary for my pain and struggles. My Heavenly Father unconditionally loves me, is cogniscent of my hardships, and is always available for me, just like a father. I need them both. But I can’t leave out the Holy Ghost, who comforts me constantly and helps me remember the important things. I will lean on each part of the Godhead, and I will have faith in their love, strength, and trust in their healing power. “In joy or pain…” This song has recently touched me much more than it ever has previously. The Anthem Lights version is incredible! Their a capella hymn arrangement is so hauntingly beautiful. I used to be annoyed by this hymn’s monotone alto line, but now the almost horizontal line of notes is something I can sing. (If I’m not crying.) I am thankful for such a beautiful reminder that I am not in this alone. “Stay thou nearby…” We all have a Heavenly support system that we can rely on unfailing. (I personally need it!)

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