Four Wheelers & Hookers – Throwback Thursday 5/11/17

The four wheeler on our dairy farm is like a modern day horse. They drive it and drive it until they’ve racked up thousands of miles, and it is run into the ground. It gets us from point A to B, it herds (chases) cows, hauls heavy bags or buckets, even hauls baby calves to their hutches, and sometimes even ridden a bit for fun! We purchased our first ATV in 1999. The kids were in heaven! Darin bought Zack a hitch and a trailer for his eighth birthday. We knew he’d undoubtedly adore it, because he spent countless hours backing a toy tractor and wagon. (You’d think if it was parked crooked, he’d just straighten a plastic wagon with his hand. But no, he had to attempt backing it over and over again!) We wrapped the hitch with a note telling him of a surprise behind a stack of hay. He just continued jumping around saying, “I got a hooker, I got a hooker!” The trailer elicited a pretty good response, but not exciting as this eight year old who got his hooker. (I know, good parents!) That trailer was used and abused out on the farm. We have owned at least six (if not more) four wheelers to serve our family. They just die of overwork. The boys constucted obstacle courses including jumps to run with the four wheeler, and all the girls learned to drive at a young age on them. Many extended family members have also ridden them through the wringer. Riley’s dog, Annabelle, always hops on anticipating a ride! We have snow and grass sledded with a rope and sled secured behind. Our four wheelers have been mostly utilitarian, but in the many thousands of miles we’ve put on them, there have been a few for fun. (What do you expect?) Good times.

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