Blame – Feelings Friday 5/12/17

After my stroke, I could be bitter with life in general. I could be moping around feeling all depressed. I could shake one fist at the heavens, and say, “Why me?” But I know a pint can only hold a pint not a quart. Meaning we are only given what we can handle. (Wow, that’s heavy!) I could get really deep, but I must come to grips with the plain and simple fact that this is a obstacle I can handle. (I can’t say there aren’t hard days. When I become reminded of my life before, my emotions do get the best of me.) But I don’t blame anyone or anything. It’s not anyone’s fault. Life was not meant to be fair. There is not anything I could have done, maybe monitor my blood pressure, but I had no reason to do that. I guess the moral to this post is: Don’t blame anyone for your problems. Just find a way to make the best of them. Look on the bright side. Get your blood pressure checked as often as you can! (Easy, right? She says sarcastically.)

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