Blame – Feelings Friday 5/12/17

After my stroke, I could be bitter with life in general. I could be moping around feeling all depressed. I could shake one fist at the heavens, and say, “Why me?” But I know a pint can only hold a pint not a quart. Meaning we are only given what we can handle. (Wow, that’s heavy!) I could get really deep, but I must come to grips with the plain and simple fact that this is a obstacle I can handle. (I can’t say there aren’t hard days. When I become reminded of my life before, my emotions do get the best of me.) But I don’t blame anyone or anything. It’s not anyone’s fault. Life was not meant to be fair. There is not anything I could have done, maybe monitor my blood pressure, but I had no reason to do that. I guess the moral to this post is: Don’t blame anyone for your problems. Just find a way to make the best of them. Look on the bright side. Get your blood pressure checked as often as you can! (Easy, right? She says sarcastically.)


  1. Raymond M. Burgard

    Love to you, Kim ❤️ I’ll be strong with you.


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